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back in the spring, i went for a walk with my family (whoa, that still sounds weird to say and not have it mean my brothers and parents). there were some beautiful birch trees where people had stripped the white bark off. we lamented this and tsk tsked about how sad it was (could someone go back and explain that to my eight year old self please?) then we saw some dead birch trees on the ground, and my husband pulled a piece off for me. i stared at it for months, looking for inspiration. i knew i wanted to send it through the mail, but to whom? and how? and could i even do that?

so when i saw a stack of pre cut bark that was painted to look like birch at the art of home, i knew exactly what to do with it.

i trimmed each piece down, wrote a short message on the back in sharpie and packed each one in a cellophane bag (i tried a test without the bag that failed miserably - sorry sam for the sad arrival, and to canada post for the undue stress). i put label stickers with the addresses, and of course, some christmas postage. for some i even included our ridiculous family photo!

they were definitely a fun surprise for all the recipients!

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