baby | under the big top

on days when my husband is off, we lounge in bed as long as we can. and amazingly, the baby is there too. sometimes he wakes up with us, more often he calls to us from his crib (well, we're assuming that's what the whimpering is all about). so one of us gets him and brings him back to the warmth of the comforter, and his mama and papa.

truth be told, i'm not much for extensive bed lounging in the morning. don't get me wrong - i prefer to wake up on my own terms (which usually involves no alarm clock, a well risen sun and some serious blink-awake time). it's just that in the past six years i've taken up hobbies, and worked at jobs that make me excited to start the day. in that i feel lucky.

being on mat leave for six months of my pregnancy was unique, and also awesome. i think of that time fondly. waking with the sun on my face and whole days stretching ahead of me to create whatever i wanted.

of course, since the little sniff was born, i often wish for more time in the bed (asleep). but for now i'll settle for our morning romps under the covers (it's not what you are thinking). we let the baby crawl all over us and the way in which we move our bodies creates an endless series of vistas for him to discover. we raise our knees and he ponders where to find a pass amidst the tall mountain peaks. we turn on our sides and stick out all of our limbs and suddenly he's the lead (and only) contestant within an obstacle course. perhaps my favourite is when we all duck under the covers, raise our hands and ta da: we're under the big top, the most exciting circus in town!

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