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almost two years ago (wow time flies!) i tried my hand at making some aerograms. they were cute and i liked them - and most of them sold eventually. as i was flipping through my blog stats last week i noticed that my aerogram images were a top post. which means people are googling them and taking an interest again (woohoo!). click here to learn more about what aerograms are

but when i looked back at the products i made...something about them bothered me...they seemed empty (i know, that's kind of the point right?). i wanted to make them more of a substantial item so i pulled out some paper and my sewing machine and got to work (any excuse to sew paper i say!). 

they turned out awesome - if i do say so myself ;) but really, i love them because they look cool and it saves letter writers time and money. for the price of a greeting card i've created a super thick envelope with 6 pages (12 double sided) and they even come with peel-able seals for easy closure! all you need is the postage!

you can view some of the aerogram notebooks in my singles section (for single envelopes that is, not just single people - couples always welcome :) speaking of couples, you'll also find aerograms in my valentines section.
oh what the hey, just click here to see them all

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