snail mail | advent calendar part two

these are the advent calendar snail mail pieces from december sixth to twelfth. i've done a house/home theme using images from a sketchbook by rebecca dolen of the regional assembly of text. jon and i pulled the pages we hope to frame for the baby's room, and i couldn't help but craft with the rest!

six | cathy, my aunt on my mother's side
seven | freyja, former colleague and friend in bc
eight | heather, to her parents place, though she lives in the uk
nine | heather, to her parents place, though she lives in the uk*
ten | hilary, a former university roommate out west
eleven | my friend holly, from the yukon
twelve | bela, my little neice

*different heather's, weird coincidence. this heather was also my university dorm mate.

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  1. Seriously girl. I'm coming to you the day I need wedding invites hahah ;). Prettiest writing I've ever seen!


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