patience made | colour conversion

for the past couple of months i haven't been posting on sundays but i'm so excited about this i couldn't wait! for two and a half years i've only had three main colours in my shop - white, black and pink. at times i got a little crazy and added variations of pink and grey. and sometimes at christmas i really did it up with a bit of red and green on the last page.

i liked the restraint in colour because it created a sense of cohesiveness. to my eye it felt neat and clean and modern. but suddenly it occurred to me (confirmed by more than a few in the etsy forums), that if you don't see your favourite colour...it's like you'll just leave! boo! so now it'll be clear at least that i can create stationery in all the colours of the rainbow.

i've made new envelopes, envelope confetti, and stocked the writing paper section - but i hope to have lots of journals, postcards, and more colours coming soon!

oh! i almost forgot. celebrate the colour conversion with me and take 20% off all purchases over $5 with the coupon code:

(sorry colour is spelt that way. it's just that i'm canadian and i can't help it)

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  1. Oh, I just love that you are branching out into new colors. My favorite one above is the punchy coral color on the second thank-you card. I'm even wearing a sweater in that color today! :)


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