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so it's the eve of christmas eve and since my family has always celebrated christmas the german way (dinner and gifts and celebration on the 24th) tomorrow is my christmas. and since i always enjoy the anticipation of events even more than the events...today is my christmas eve!

i am in such a good mood right now. it's the last day of a pop up shop i'm running for a local artist and everyone who comes in seems to be slightly stressed. but not me. i'm listening to a cd i created called "the best christmas cd ever" and i've finished all my gifts, mailed them to my loved ones and even saved a few stocking stuffers to wrap on purpose so that i feel festive tomorrow! i'm looking forward to a lot of days off work, some delicious german schnitzel and kartoffelsalat and lots of hugs with my love. oh and gifts!! i love hearing what people thought of my gifts to them and it's fun to receive them too...oh boy oh boy!

and with that puppy like excitement, i leave you with this amazing classic christmas playlist.


  1. happy christmas, my love. i miss you. ps. you should see how much snow we have right now. its perfect.

  2. Merry Christmas! I love Christmas Eve.


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