patience made | christmas roll out

when i messaged my friend heather in the middle of august and asked for her opinion on christmas carol lyrics for my stationery, she thought i was crazy. she was totally helpful but she thought i was off my rocker for starting so early. but as you can see by today's date, it took awhile to design, order and use my new holiday stamps! i used lines from some of my favourites christmas carols. 

if you are the type of person who sends holiday greetings in the mail (i love you!!), but also, i would love to be your holiday stationer of choice :). please feel free to message or email me with custom orders but note that i don't make folded cards - just writing paper and flat cards (examples below). i'm going to put together a colour list soon but envelopes can be made in light pink, pink, dark pink, red, light purple, purple, dark purple, aqua, dark teal, lime green, white and black. embossing colours include gold, silver, white, black, light pink, pink, glitter red and clear. bulk orders of over 20 of the same products get 10% off. more items will be added soon!

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