2012 fall tv premiere schedule

it's the most wonderful tiiiiime of the year! yes, christmas is great (i've already started crafting new stationery for the holidays!). but in my opinion, the most wonderful time of the year is the release of the new fall television schedule. i'm a total gomer, i know. regardless, i've made my schedule of "shows to watch." it's unlikely i'll actually be watching all these shows every week but one must take into account that 60% of the new ones won't make it. i've even made a little box to check once i've recorded the show! click for a printable pdf of this guide.

*note that this is not a comprehensive guide - it's only shows that i'm interested in watching. so for the most part it doesn't include strongly masculine, action, or horror themes (i.e. csi type shows)

what shows are you looking forward to? are they returning favourites or new ones that look promising? let's chat because i just love television!


  1. Oh I so wish I lived on your side of the world! Television in Australia is soooo crapppppp (I should know).

    I am totally in love with Two Broke Girls at the moment. I only just saw it for the first time the other week and I love it!

    Also, 30 Rock, Grey's Mondern Family and New Girl are big faves of mine!

  2. I don't watch much TV to be honest, anything I want to watch I buy on DVD (skip adverts, all episodes are right there). I'm watching the anime Bleach right now - I hate anime but I'm absolutely LOOOOVVVIIINNGG this one.
    The problem with DVDs though is that I have to wait a long time between seasons. We don't watch them on TV in case we miss an episode, so we have to wait until the end of October for season 7 of How I Met Your Mother. We DO watch Doctor Who on TV, though, and I'm pulling my hair out waiting for the next season!!

  3. Anonymous28.8.12

    Awesome! I am so excited too, haha. It feels silly but I do love tv. I'm sad the Pretty Little Liars season finale is tonight. Do you watch Gallery Girls on Bravo??? It would be totally up your alley. ♥Lindsay

  4. Where's the Walking Dead?!

  5. Where's the Walking Dead?!

  6. Oh, this is brilliant Kaitlyn! I'm soo into TV too (I keep a spreadsheet- embarrassing, I know!) and it's so helpful to see this at a glance and know what starts when. Can't wait for my favorite shows to return this fall!

  7. Oh, I love when tv comes back. :D

    I haven't seen any ads for new shows yet, so I don't know anything there, but I watch a bunch of stuff that I'm happy to have back.. Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Whitney, Parks & Rec.. those are my faves.

  8. also agree re Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, The Big Bang, and How I Met Your Mother....

    .... however I have a slight issue with 2 Broke Girls - have you not noticed how unbelievably racist it is??? xo!

  9. It's amazing to see a watch list longer than mine! whew. I can't even keep up with mine, impressive.

    ps. You like Whitney?! explain.


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