sunday sins | deep fried foods

for the past two weeks i avoided using the mircowave. i've never had the most creative lunches but i can say that my lunches for the past two weeks were pretty sad. you can only do so much with cold items you know? and anyways - that wasn't the point so i'm surprised i stuck to it! the point was to not use the microwave at home as a crutch. like when i go to make dinner and end up heating a can of zoodles instead of trying a little harder - because it's easier. i used the microwave twice - once on the second day at home, and once on the last day (at work). what is it about cheating on the last day of a challenge that makes me think i haven't learned anything at all?

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for the next two weeks i am going to avoid deep fried foods. i thought this would be easy. but then i remembered: chips.



  1. Good Luck with this, its so easy to rely on technology due to the lack of time.

  2. Let me preface this by saying I LOVE FRENCH FRIES. I have a deep, unabashed obsession with fries. But hubby and I are living on a lake this summer, so we aren't going out as much. Which means less opportunity for fries. Which has turned out to be a good thing. We're going out less and eating much healthier. The last time we went out with friends, I ordered fish & chips-- one of my favorite indulgences! Immediately after eating I felt horrible, it was too much fried food after virtually none. Your body will love you for these changes you're making!


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