snail mail | confetti/sparkle envelopes & cheating

today i am flying to from british columbia to ontario to see my family and friends. i'll be there for about a week and so i've arranged to have some amazing guest posters do my regular features throughout the week! 

for now i'm sharing with you some wonderful surprises i received in the mail this past week. the first confetti themed envelope is from rin dawson at papered thoughts who will be posting here next monday. isn't it beautiful??

the second is from my new pen pal holly. at first when i saw it i was like "where is the address?" haha - it was so large and sparkly i completely missed it! pretty cool though huh?

the third piece was a cheat. my best friend put my name and her address on the centre, and her name and my address as the return. then she conveniently "forgot" to put a postage stamp on it! i can't say i condone this but you have to admit it's a rather fun and sneaky idea! 


  1. That's terribly sneaky, but I've heard that it can work. I've not tried it myself, but I'm tempted, just to see if it -would- work :D

  2. That IS sneaky! Haha. Love these little artworks. :)


  3. The confetti envelope is adorable!

  4. i doubt it would work from Ontario :-p

    I sent myself a package from Asia to Australia with things i wouldn't need for a few weeks. (Post offices will hold them post restante if you don't know a particular address, then you go and pick it up). Well the few weeks wuoted turned into a few months - so the package didn't come before i left Aus. I had written myself as the return address too (in Canada) so months later i got the package! with crap i didn't need at ALL anymore, haha.

  5. It's all in the details! And these deets are mighty CUTE!!! Love it!

  6. Sneakiest, best idea ever! Haha!

  7. That third one is hilarious, I've never heard of that idea before! Tempting...... ;-)


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