patience made | obvious occasions

gah! i know "patience made" (that's me!) is normally on fridays but i just couldn't wait to share with you my new line of stationery. i've always kind of had a thing for really obvious sentiments. don't get me wrong - i love puns and wordplay and all that jazz but sometimes it's more interesting amidst all the hallmark clutter to just say it how it is! my favourites include:

"i heard you made a baby"
"i kind of sort of miss you"
"i just wanted to say hi, hello"
"sorry about that thing i did"
"i like to rock it old school (this is an envelope + handwritten note)"

because i'm so gosh darn excited about this release - and i want you all to spread the obvious occasion love - i'd like to offer a 15% off coupon code for a short time. BEOBVIOUS2012

so check out the new items - and tell me, which one is your favourite??


  1. "Sorry about that thing I did" is my favourite.

  2. these look great! I love the kinds sort of :)

  3. these are all great! I was wondering, do you do features for other people?


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