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so the idea of subscription box is pretty chic these days isn't it? some are geared towards make up, others handmade goods and some are totally random. when i was little i always used to buy those little "surprise" bags at the accessories store. it's a great idea full of adventure and excitement...but the thing is...i don't actually like surprises! (truly, if you tell me the end of the movie before it happens i will love you forever). so the whole idea of paying in advance for a total surprise is a little bit scary. 

but there is one thing i want no matter what - paper and stationery products! there's no doubt that i love any and all forms of it - surprise or otherwise. which is why, when i came across "it's paper dear" by zie darling, i was completely enamoured with the idea! you purchase in advance and the following month you will receive a delightful package of paper goodies!! the best part is that you've usually forgotten about it and then you receive this amazing gift on your door step! kate gabrielle from scathingly brilliant did a little post on the first box!

anyways - i really wanted to support zie's endeavour so i've contributed some pieces of my own stationery for the august box. receiving this lot is a great motivation to do some letter writing, or to text drive paper goods by small businesses like myself!

yours truly...


  1. I'm totally the same way, I would much rather pay for something I know that I am going to like than get a surprise. But stationery is different for me too because I love most of it and choosing is difficult for me. If the cost is reasonable, I might try it out!

  2. I HATE surprises! But some things I don't mind as long as I know every item will be worth it! :)



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