snapshot | sneak peeks, sorting closets and some ducks

one | this is a sneak peek of one of the images that will be featured during my guest curator week on curate1k. check it out at the end of june!

two | one of my blog readers mentioned that this ae t-shirt was very reminiscent of my blog theme. so i bought it! it's so soft and cozy but i will never wear it out of the house because it is a belly top!!

three | a little piece of of the snail mail i sent to my new penpal in australia. i'll post the whole thing on snail mail monday...and i must say it's pretty great *simpers*

four | last week i spent a whole day cleaning out my closet and reorganizing all my clothes and shop products. what do you think?

five | another new dress from dorothy perkins. i know! i'm addicted! but this print is so beautiful right??

six | jon and i went to see our ducks. the last time we went the babies were sooo small we could only feed them a little bit of bread but this time they were very youthful and eager! so eager they were eating break right off jon's shoe. bread and toe jam anyone?


  1. What a dreamy blog! I'm so glad you turned me on to it. Stationary is one of my major splurges. Definitely following you doll.

    My mom usually takes my photographs.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  2. i love dorothy perkins as well - i was actually wearing a dress from there today!

  3. Anonymous16.6.12

    I'm addicted to Dorothy Perkins now thanks to your blog. I'd been wanting to increase my dress wardrobe and Dorothy Perkins is perfect. Well-made while reasonably priced, classic while in style, appropriate for work while youthful.

    1. i completely agree! i am embarrassed to say i only discovered them in march and already have about 11 dresses from dorothy perkins! i feel so lady like in them which is exactly what i am going for. and the fit is perfect!


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