snapshot | my husband, mint green and munching candy

one | a sneak peek of a piece of mail art for one of you!

two | a new minty green nail colour (mint sorbet) by sally hansen. in some lights it is far too green but in others it's light enough that i just love it!

three | a father's day card for my pops. i bought him this print but used another image by the artist to create the matching card. *awesome etsy seller.

four | a lovely new pair of earrings inspired by nature from violette boutique in victoria. probably my favourite jewellery store ever

five | a photo of my husband. he looked so handsome after work/before grocery shopping that i just had to snap a pic!

six | aside from being handsome - jon is also very thoughtful. he brought me home a collection of penny candy and then helped me spread it out into separate bowls to create our very own "candy bar."


  1. did your parents move again? lol
    p.s. i am obsessed with mint green right now. i've been trying to convince james that it should be our bedroom colour for months.. good thing i still have time! lol

  2. I almost bought that exact shade of nail polish yesterday but I wasn't sure! Hmm maybe I'll have to go back now, it looks good on!

  3. Anonymous21.6.12

    Are those hot lips I am seeing in that candy dish to the far left... brings me back to the days of beckers!
    - Des

  4. Anonymous21.6.12

    What a lovely carefree post :)


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