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so last weekend i took a book binding workshop at a local photography gallery call luz. it was amazing! i loved the process so much that i gobbled up all the information and stored it away in my mind. the class was five hours with time for lunch, and by the end i had created a beautiful hardcover book! i'm going to share it with you another day, along with the steps it took to get to the finished product.

in the meantime, i transferred my new skills to my shop. using dental floss*, a baby sewing needle, and supplies i had on hand - i made these little journals. they are similar to the moleskines i already sell, but they have more pages (and of course, they have more love).

* unused obviously!


  1. Very cute! I've always wanted to take a book binding class, glad to hear it was fun :)

  2. Wow these journals look perfect! You're really good at bookbinding, I took a class at uni, but mine didn't turn out nearly as nice as these, and you used dental floss as well, impressive! :)

  3. These journals are so pretty! I took a book arts class one semester in college; it was so much fun.

  4. Ahhhh so beautiful! I love everything you make, it makes me happy and wishing that I was more arty ;)

  5. Oh wow! These look amazing and so well put together. I can't wait to see what other book you made and the steps you take. I'm so curious!


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