sunday sins | taking the car

for the past two weeks i have been avoiding eating pre-made or processed food. surprisingly the time flew right by! and guess what? every meal i had was made from whole foods. but you know there has to be a catch right? well snacks, that's the catch. when it comes to snacks i prefer candy and treats and mechanically processed delights. oh, and on thursday night i was sick so jon made me a can of chicken noodle soup.

but aside from that...it was actually a lot easier than i thought!

richard estes. bus interior, urband landscapes no. 3, 1981. image via

i can think of soo many times when i am downtown after work, shopping, or at a meeting and i call jon and ask him to come pick me up. or i'll finish at the gym and think "i just want to be at home now!" so i ask jon if he would mind dropping by the gym after work. except it's not on the way, it's totally out of the way. and when i'm downtown...i could just take the bus. i don't like the bus, and it costs less to have jon drive then it does for me to pay for the bus all the time. but that's not very good for the environment is it?

so for the next two weeks* i am going to avoid riding in cars (with boys. haha). but seriously, it's warmer now, so there's no reason i shouldn't walk, ride my bike, or wait for the bus. wish me luck!

*just a little note to say that i have to go grocery shopping tonight. sorry, but that's it i swear!


  1. I drive a lot (to and from work out of the city) but living in a city makes it impossible to drive within. I find myself walking, biking, and riding the bus all the time. It balances life and makes for great people watching :)

  2. haha story of my life... i don't like buses. the car goes on my schedule, is more comfortable, less awkward, less smelly. but you're right, public transportation makes so much more sense. i might just join you on this one.

  3. good luck! i'm unsure, did you cut the processed snacks down too? i know it'd be rough!

  4. Where I'm originally from in Florida, the city ( Jacksonville ) is so spread out that it's nearly impossible to walk anywhere and their public transportation leaves A LOT to be desired.. i.e., no one rides the bus.

    BUT visiting cities where public transportation is easy, accessible and relatively clean/safe has definitely made me rethink my habits. And my hubby is a great influence-- he'd much rather walk than drive if our destination is easily/safely walkable. And we're finally buying bikes this weekend, so we're looking forward to a lot less car time.

    Good luck making the switch! It takes some adjustment, but I think you'll enjoy it!

  5. I just discovered your blog and it's so lovely! I'm a new follower.


  6. I love eating whole foods! I usually challenge myself to try and eat most of my meals without processed junk but, like you, I sometimes enjoy a snack! haha Also, I've been meaning to comment and tell you I saw this (http://www.ae.com/web/browse/product.jsp?productId=0309_5931) shirt the other day and it reminds me SO much of your site logo!


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