sunday sins | snooze button

for the past two weeks i've been trying to avoid second helpings. i must admit that one can find a lot of leeway in this one. there's a lot of loopholes available if you are looking - and i guess i inadvertently was! if you put all the pasta on your plate at once - then you don't have to go back for second helpings! but as the weeks progressed, when i realized i was doing things like this, i would stop halfway through the plate and put the rest away for lunch at work the next day. the one form of second helping i still haven't mastered is cereal! i just love to sit and eat multiple bowls of it. so here's the trick i've realized - after you pour the bowl of cereal - put it away! if it's not there right next to you then...

emma hack. red bird.

next week i'll write about the change in my sleep schedule - one that makes an alarm clock less and less necessary. except of course - on the days i'm working, or days i have to get up at a certain time. i just want to stay in my sleepy dream world where everything is flowers, sunshine and chirping red birds (for the most part!)

i'm not the worst when it comes to snooze buttons but i don't want to press it at all considering the next five mins (+ five mins + five mins) is the most uncomfortable sort of sleep. you are half awake, startled, heart racing, hoping it won't go off again too soon. i just can't help but think it would be better off if i just got up and woke up.

we'll see...two weeks, NO snooze button.

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  1. Anonymous4.3.12

    Oh, the snooze button sleep is the BEST! My hubby doesn't like the snooze button, so I've gone without one for over a year. But I do stay in bed while he gets a shower, getting up after I hear the water turn off.. so I guess I've created my own snooze button of sorts. ;-)


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