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pre p.s. one and a half more days to create something for the mail art contest :)

as it is snail mail monday - and i usually post envelopes that i've made or received - i am going to do my valentines post today. now, i'm not going to be mailing this - but i created it in a mail art/letter writing workshop so i say it counts. as you can see, i had access to a typewriter and a sewing machine (fun!). this is the valentine i am going to give to my husband. we have gone up island for a mini break* and i posted this in advance. which means i can't snap a picture of the note inside but basically it's a blank piece of writing paper - with the words: "happy valentines snoof" in the center and more threads sewn across the page in various directions. i left the strings on both the envelope and the writing paper - just cause i thought it was cuter! it's like...love is messy you know?

so that's my personal valentine to jon. this is my public one:

dear jon,

you give me so much love. you express this love in so many ways and i am continually surprised by just how much you have to give. i don't know if you will bring me flowers this valentines, and i'm almost certain you forgot to make a dinner reservation. please let me apologize in advance for how upset this will make me. i want you to know that it's temporary and i haven't forgotten all the little things. i haven't forgotten your death squeezes (you call them hugs). i haven't forgotten how you always ask if i have my mittens, or if i want to feed the ducks with you. i'll soon remember how you'll get me a glass of water, even when we are both sitting on the couch. and i'm sure i'll soon think of the times when i am sick and you dress me in your pajamas and build me a blanket nest on the couch. i know you support me, and love me, and would do anything for me. just let me have a hissy fit and then i'll remember and i'll let you death squeeze me till i can't breathe...


p.p.s. for one day only (since it's valentines and i'm feeling all lovey dovey), you can take 25% (!) off orders in my stationery shoppe on the 14th. just use the coupon code "BEMINE"

* sort of - we have to drop some art off at a gallery so technically i'm working...

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