sunday sins | carbs!

okay. how did my cease fire on miscellaneous spending go? all in all - pretty good. especially considering it's christmas time. i had finished the bulk of my shopping but grabbed a few extra little things for j. we also bought supplies for a christmas dinner party we had at one of the galleries i work at. but instead of buying fun dinner party decorations - i made everything myself. and there were countless times i was downtown and had time to kill but i didn't buy anything. there was this however, as well as the curling wand i mentioned last week! oopsie. but you know what? i can do even better. and so i think i'm definitely going to continue this one and try not to buy things so randomly and sporadically. now that my christmas commissions will start to wane, it's especially important to watch my spending i think.

for the next two weeks i am going to avoid carbs. i don't know how. but i'm going to do my damnedest. please eat a bagel and think of me fondly.

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