snail mail | baby shower invites

below are some baby shower invites i made for a good friend of mine who is expecting in the new year. i know - they aren't really your traditional baby shower invites. i truly debated whether i should include images of babies, strollers, bassinets or girly things.* but in the end none of it felt very "her" so i went with something that is (in my eyes) just a little more chic.

i'm including a screenshot below of the actual invite. i love the way all the fonts turned out don't you? i'm going to play around with that for when i introduce wedding invites to my shop.

*she's having a girl - yay!
p.s. on a totally unrelated note - i got a curling wand and am so excited to try it!


  1. absolutely cute!!! I love the little french in there!

  2. SO cute! :) You are so talented kaitlyn!

  3. Anonymous19.12.11

    So adorable...much cuter than anything store bought!

  4. Cute. Yay for baby girls.

  5. Katrina Smith22.12.11

    I LOVE the black and pink colours on the invitation! Really like the concept you came up with - definitely different from the "usual" baby shower invitation themes.


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