fifty-two projects | project one

this is project one of fifty-two projects, for more completed projects, click here.

project one | gather up all of the letters one of your oldest friends has sent to you over the years. photocopy the letters. put the photocopies in an envelope, and then mail off the envelope to your friend.

alterations | none! i love this project!!

this one has been in the works since i first began the fifty-two projects. i had to get my mom, who lives in a different province, to search for these letters. then a couple months later when her and my dad came to visit, they brought boxes full of them to me!

her name is samantha. we met in kindergarden, and she moved away in grade three. we've kept in touch through all these years despite living provinces apart. i don't have too many letters from our younger years because we didn't send letters...we sent tapes!! we used to record ourselves talking and then we would mail that instead!

it's been a total blast going through these letters - and i've only had time to skim them. i can't wait to sit down and read them all. i think for the holidays i'm going to photocopy tons of them, bind it in some way and then send them off as part of her christmas gift. she's going to love it! i know i would love to see all of the ones i sent her :)

below are some of the letters.

2000, 2002
 2003, 2004
2005, 2009
 2010, 2011

some of my favourite finds:

this amazing cartoon sam drew for me!!

 a letter where she tells me she has decided to start dating a certain guy - and i was the only one who encouraged it apparently! she is now married to this man.

 pictures of her ultrasound last year

wow, how time flies...


  1. Ah, the love for family. I love it. Me personally, I miss it..
    Though this made me smile
    You have a lovely blog.
    I will visit often!

  2. so jealous! I used to have drawers full of such notes - i wish i'd kept them

  3. What a great idea. I have a box full of notes from long, long ago. I just can't bring myself to ever let them go.

  4. Awesome !
    I should really do that :D
    My friends are gonna laugh!

    xxx, Mri


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