dear santa | christmas wish list

i'm a real material girl. sad to say but it's true. my penchant for art, dresses, craft supplies, jewelry and more art far outweighs any semblance of my "it's the thought that counts" nature. don't get me wrong - i love giving presents. i love being creative, and finding that perfect item for someone. something serious, silly or something they really need. but i also find joy in receiving, because when someone gives you something, you don't feel that guilt that you would have if you'd gotten it for yourself.

and so, in that vain....

one | a trip to italy please! two | 'big love' season five. three | an adorable little painting entitled 'mining for gold' by alexandra hunter from the gallery i work at. four | a kobo reader with wifi five | please pay off my credit card. six | the new 'florence and the machine' cd 'ceremonials.' seven | a beautiful silk scarf eight | a b6 or p11 gocco printer with inks, screens and bulbs. nine | a herstyler curling wand. ten | outdoor mocassins. ok, indoor mocassins too.


  1. Great list! I'm thinking I might do that too!

  2. Be careful....if you get a Gocco, you will fall in love and then someday you won't be able to find supplies anymore and your heart will break.

  3. I'm loving your wish list! I'll definitely take a trip to Italy...

  4. i'm afraid my dear that i can't afford most of those gifts on that list. that being said, the florence & the machine album is bloody fantastic :)

    PS. let's give italy to each other and go eat everything!!

  5. no worries. my wish list is embarrassingly long ;) great stuff!

  6. This is a great list! I would love a trip to Italy, too! I have the Florence and the Machine CD, love it!


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