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okay - so check this out: a couple weeks ago i was at a party and my best friend reached in her purse and pulled out this. she said she thought it was materials from my mail art challenge and sure enough it was! i'm totally amused by the fact that one of her friends put in an order at my etsy shop, had it delivered to ontario, created this mail art and sent it back to my friend who lives in british columbia with me - all without mentioning the connection to either of us! how cool is that? presenting...jen g from kitchener:


  1. That is totally crazy...
    I have a confession. I have a mail art package from you just waiting to be put together, but haven't had a scrap of time to put into it. And then I lost it for a while. haha! GOSH! Hopefully I'll get to it soon. :)

  2. It's so amazing how everybody is connected with everybody in some way. :-)

    Oh, I just received your mail!!! i love the black envelopes with bunnies on them!! Wait for the snail mail I have just sent you. I'm pretty sure you'll love it. :-)



  3. Thanks for posting this! I knew who you were and I knew that our darling mutual friend would piece it together and show you. That way i didn't have to send you the pictures. Keep up being an inspiration. I am a crafty person and sometimes seeing your ideas sparks more of my own. YOu should see my self created wedding invites.. Seek out mutual friend.

  4. aww that's lovely :)
    it really is a small world!

  5. Very cool! What a small world we live in ;)

  6. This is so cool! I love collages like this!


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