fifty-two projects | project twenty

this is project twenty of fifty-two projects. for more completed projects, click here.

project twenty | write some letters. then, go to the library and place the letters in some books. the letters can be about anything, to anyone but keep them anonymous, untraceable.

alterations | i didn't write these as letters to people so much as actual letters to the readers of the book.

in the letters, i wrote about how books make people feel. about the power they have to make us feel things, and see things. i went to the library and tucked them tightly into the pages of books that i thought people like me would read. i just love the thought of strangers finding these notes...and i hope they leave them within the pages. or use them as a bookmark for other novels!


  1. I love this idea. I once found a "secret" in a post-secret book. I thought it was awesome! I hope someone enjoys your little notes!

  2. This is cool and a beautiful idea.

  3. what a wonderful project!

  4. how much do i love this?? let's have a library note book date and do it together! We'll go eat something fabulous after!


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