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project thirty-eight | on one of those rainy days when the season is not quite ready to make its shift into the next, those noticeably different, quirky days that bridge summer to fall - take a picture outside the one window you always go to when you just want to stare outside and feel comforted by the fact that you are on the inside looking out to the whole world.

alterations | none.

this project particularly resonates with me because this is actually one of my favourite past times. when i was younger i used to love being wrapped up all warm in bed and opening the window a crack so that i could feel the cold air and peek at the snow falling to the ground. nowadays i like to stare out the window of my balcony, or duck outside knowing i can come back in at any moment. i like to watch the wild winds blowing the leaves of this tree outside, or ponder the thoughts of those at the bus stop down below. and amidst it all, know that i am safe and cozy inside.



  1. I also love this. It's like we're kindreds or something. My most recent thing is turning on the fire place (yes, it's got a switch), curling up in the biggest joggers I can find, wrapping myself in the blanket my Grandma made, and watching the people pass by my front window.

    Maybe we should have a watching/gazing party?

  2. I love people watching too!!! I find it quite relaxing to be watching and contemplating on things... its so weird that sometimes I get so inspired by just watching people...


  3. I like the idea of doing this list of projects, it creates a kind of meditative mindfulness.

    :-} Lorraine


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