fifty-two projects | project forty-four

this is project forty-four of fifty-two projects. for more completed projects, click here.

project forty-four | record the nuances of your regular ol' days. at the end of any given day, when you're just about to hit the point when you need to climb in the bed and crash, sit down at your kitchen table with a digital recorder, push the record button and start talking about your day. begin with the moment you got up and take yourself all the way to the point where you are recording yourself at the kitchen table.

alterations | i don't have a kitchen table so i doubt that is where this will take place. also, i will present it in video rather than audio to save you from falling asleep.


  1. its true - milkman's daughter and the papery are awesome ;)

    PS. how cute are you?? you get confused by a sun-shower??

    PPS. Yay Fudge!

    PPPS. i do not have a lot of free time. but you're adorable and i feel like i saw you today now even though i didn't. :)

  2. Thanks for your comment :D you make me smail tonight!! I like your cupcake envelopes

    Take care.

    Princess Corner

  3. i made it all the way through your fun video, nice snippet of your life. i really hope the local shops feature your work pronto!

  4. Anonymous20.10.11

    I hope you get picked up a store soon! They are out of their minds if they don't :) Your work is awesome. Super cute video :) This stuff isn't easy but you make it look that way


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