envelope templates | trace, cut, score, repeat

one hundred and fifty-nine envelope templates. the most i have ever completed in one grouping. i'm concerned i have some version of carpal tunnel syndrome as my right and left hands have intermittently been going numb but hey, don't they look pretty?


  1. This post gives a literal meaning to your name and your blog. Amazing!

  2. i second katherine's motion...

    and they sure are pretty all lined up like that!

  3. PRETTY COOL!!! sometimes i find myself doing something over and over again. especially if its something i love, like crafting or designing. i would just be surprised that hours and hours have passed and i just seem to keep on going. :-)

    that is what you call passion. :-) i admire your passion for envelopes!!!


  4. stretch out your wrists!!! pressing on the palm in both directions with your arm straight out! i get numbness too from and and it's totally pre-carpal -slash- tendenitis, prevention is the key :p (my public service announcement)


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