mail art monday | nineteen twenties mail art

a couple of weeks ago i received a letter with no return address, simply a heart and the inscription "H2." j and i had fun guessing who it might be. it was the writing that gave away my friend hilary, but it wasn't until i opened it that i understood the "h squared" - it was a joint letter from my old roommates hilary and holly. after i got over the jealously of knowing they'd spent time together, despite living in two different provinces, i was able to enjoy the letter. they even gave me a gift - a twenty-five dollar "loan" to be donated however i deem appropriate on kiva.

since they would no longer be together by the time i wrote them back, i instead created two twin pieces of mail art with a corresponding nineteen twenties flapper/fashion theme. hopefully they have as much fun finding these in their mail box as i did making them!


  1. Those are so lovely! Wow!

  2. nice use of the silver flower from saturday!

  3. so gorgeous!! LOVE your art... thank you for coming to Bee Wise!

  4. What a lovely gift for your friends! I love getting hand written notes and packages in the mail.


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