mail art monday | a good mail day and brittany d

last week (right after mail art monday) i had the best mail day! while jon took the stairs, i stopped for the mail using our broken elevator (he didn't want to wait for its malfunctioning slowpokeness). in the mail box i found a bland but mysterious package, as well as a copy of my monthly subscription to my favourite magazine - real simple. when i got to our apartment i showed jon the mystery package and he said "oh, i thought i was going to make your day with this package!" and pulled a box out from behind his back.*

so, along with my favourite magazine, i got a huge set of tim holtz acrylic stamps that i won on ebay for a sweet price (and had since then forgotten about!), and my first ever vintage dress! it's from "little bit vintage" and the owner nicole mortham was so sweet in helping me with sizing and shipping. see below for my new/old lady in red dress:

and now for the next mail art challenge participator! brittany d blogs at first grade crush (i just love the premise of her blog) and i am thrilled to have met her because she is the sweetest person in the world**. she wrote me this wonderful email showering me with compliments back at the beginning of july, right before she purchased the mail art challenge.

now here's the thing: her mail art is totally better than my mail art. i'm ashamed to even show you any of my creations after i post hers! but seriously, have you ever seen anything more beautiful made from scraps?

* it had been left at our door, too big to fit in the little mail box
** so many italics today!


  1. How gorgeous is that envelope? So inspiring. ADORE the red dress, very classy - I want it!

  2. so pretty!! kinda like you :)

  3. That dress looks like it's adorable!! I love the red colour.

    What an inspiring envelope.


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