what i made | ferris wheels, balloons and ghetto blasters

this is what i made this week. next wednesday i will be bringing my wares to a local night market so i'm spending the next week pumping up my stock. i'm so in love with those dark pink envelopes with the ferris wheels and balloons! i know it's not very modest to say that but they feel very carnivalesque to me and i've been itching to go to canada's wonderland recently so maybe that's why they are churning my butter at the moment...


  1. It has been a major goal of mine to take a ride in a hot air balloon. I have yet to do it. :( ONE DAY!! So of course I love the hot air balloon ones and I love all things (not too creepy) carnivalesque too! So of course I love the ferris wheel ones. I really like the plane ones too. Simple and lovely. :)

    Is it really called Canada's Wonderland?? Do tell me more! :D I'm excited for you to attend that market! I hope it goes SUPER well!

  2. i'm obsessed with ferris wheels right now! so cute!

  3. Love the striped hot air balloon! Great designs!


  4. hahahaha! churning your butter - dirty girl! ;)

    Wanna go to Moss st Market this weekend? We gotta be there about 10am so I can get my eggs - she sells out every week!

  5. so come to ontario to go to wonderland!


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