the happiness project | week one

my friend lindsay over at scenic glory has begun "the happiness project." it involves making a commitment to do something each week that will contribute to your ultimate happiness. her first one is declutter, which i think is a great idea. i've been trying to declutter for months now. i mean, i've been trying to keep on top of clutter because keeping everything in it's rightful place and avoiding clutter leaves my mind free to think clearly. i swear. even when i was in school - i couldn't sit down and write am essay until everything around me was neat and tidy. so that's something i will keep working on.

but i think for my first week of the happiness project i will bicycle to work. i have two jobs and i'm working at the closer one all next week so it's a good time to get into the habit i think, and then after that i'll ride to this job three times a week. will i ride to the other job? no - that's not going to happen - are you crazy? it takes three busses just to get there. luckily i have a husband who just loves to tote me around town. and he's been very good about giving me rides, but i hope i can keep this biking thing up till winter and hopefully give him half of the week off!

i'll update next weekend about how it went!


  1. i've got this book on my kobo. i'll get around to reading it eventually and maybe doing my own project!

  2. Ahh...I wish I could bike to work! Too far...but that sounds awesome! My goal is to get my shop more than stocked. Working on it...we'll see how it goes. :)

  3. Good luck Sugar Buger!

  4. What a great little project idea! Decluttering is exactly what I'm doing right now, actually, and it is making me a lot happier. I really, really needed to do it. Good luck with this! :)


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