what i made wednesday | white sphere mobile

you should know that i have a thing for mobiles. i mean for real, they get me seriously excited. i think it has something to do with the alteration of space when you hang one and the way it affects the room. additionally, they are really pretty. they seem to defy gravity and i adore their fragility and perfect sense of balance. i've always told my friends that if i were to drop everything and become an artist, i would make elaborate mobile creations. actually, there is an artist who does make something similar to this idea and she is one of the very first artists i posted about on this blog: here.

you know how sometimes people talk about a diy and they say "it's so simple you could totally do it yourself!" but it's not always so "simple?" well this one was. i'd had the idea in the back of my mind forever, and wanted to get more use out of my giant hole punch (what? you don't have a giant hole punch?). so i sat down to make this with only an abstract idea of what i was going to do and less than two hours later i was done!

i punched a bunch of holes in white eighty lb cardstock paper. i covered them in a light layer of glue and laid string across them as seen above.

i took more spheres and set them on top of the glue covered ones to "close" the string inside.

i used these lil' guys because i was in a bit of a time crunch but i thought later that you could use a giant needle to "thread" the string through to the top and then just knot it off! much cleaner looking probably.

you can see here how i screwed the hooks into a large circle of white cardboard (i used the lid of a hatbox to trace the circle but anything works!) i tied my string with the white closed off spheres attached to the hook. i screwed the hooks in a pattern i chose (for example, eight on the outside, four on the inside and one in the middle, all evenly spaced)

 i hung three spheres on the outside hooks, four spheres on the inside hooks and five spheres on the middle hook.

and voila! a beautiful mobile/chandelier!


  1. Oh that i so beautiful!! Wow!

  2. So pretty! I might have to try this!


  3. This is amazing! I might do this in my new apartment, since it has a sleeping "nook". It would be so fun above the bed! Thank you for the inspiration :)

  4. nice! you should post a pic from farther away- i want to whole image lol!

  5. It was beautiful! I could actually see it from the road and was a little confused, thinking "you don't have a chandelier....?"... But you did!

  6. Anonymous30.6.11

    @ kristy: i love that you could see it from the street. unless of course fireman can see it from the street in which case i might be caught for some sort of sprinkler interference infraction...

  7. Oh, I really like that!


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