mail art monday | gastronomical sovereignty giveaway

my friend kristy over at gastronomical sovereignty* had a giveaway. the prizes include a number of handmade recipe cards written by kristy herself. she thought it would be fun if the cards arrived at the winner's homes in style, so she proposed i make some mail art to go along with them. i used two of my favourite magazines,** real simple and wallpaper to create the three envelopes below. it was really exciting to work with a theme, and i tried to make each one have it's own subcategory of food based on the different ways people feel about it.

the yellow envelope is a depiction of healthy eating, portion consciousness and optimism in sustainability. the red envelope represents those people that use food to connect to each other, and also view it as a source of sensuality. finally, the blue envelope is a representation of where kristy lives and eats. it's an oasis of enjoyability, and an invitation to come dine in our city, victoria bc.

* surprisingly this gets easier to type each time i do so.
** both for the reads and the wicked images!


  1. You are so talented it's ridiculous. And I'm not sure why I'm not following her blog yet. I'll go fix that. :)

  2. Those are really cute!


  3. O.M.G. how much do i love you???

    PS. Gentri i see you :)

  4. Oooh, they're adorable!! And such a great idea!

  5. Those are awesome!


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