jewelry chooseday | platinat joies + handwriting

i have had a headache for the past two days and all i want to do today is sleep. but, alas, for various reasons this cannot happen. i must go to work. so this is what i call a quickie post* where i show you a piece of jewelry i like and then add something else in to fluff up the quickie.

this awesome little ring is from platinat joies (barcelona!) is so well designed. i just think it's perfect. i'm not really a huge stone or gem lover but don't you think this one has been done juuuust right?**

and now, for some more fun - my handwriting! (i've always liked this game, it's equivalent to hearing a blogger speak or move). i've written*** the answers to some questions below. i think i'm supposed to tag people to do this as well but i'm too sleepy to think that seriously. you should do it though because i would love to see your handwriting!

* ha! you wish!
* like goldilocks said...
***i swear these two pieces of paper are the same colour in real life.


  1. That ring is super gorgeous! I have to check out the shop right away!
    And about your handwriting, I already knew it, since I got this amazing package the other day, and I absolutely love it! It is so unique...I love that! It's beautiful! xxx

  2. Ooh, maybe I'll do the handwriting thing too! I like my handwriting (haha) and yours is so pretty!

  3. oh i love your handwriting! sorry to hear you have a headache ~ i get terrible migraines and so you have my full sympathy there. can't believe you still had to go into work :( hope you feel better soon x

  4. Pretty ring and handwriting!


  5. I love your handwriting! I love seeing bloggers handwriting, I'm odd I know haha!

  6. Anonymous21.6.11

    @ kait | it's not odd at all!
    I once saw a video that blogger savannah put on her blog where she pronounced different words in the way that was most natural to her based on her accent and her location in the world. I told my husband to turn off the tv so I could watch this video. I was just totally fascinated by it! this world feels very real to us until we realize there are so many people but we have never seen them, or heard them or watched how they move!

  7. I love your handwriting! Wow! So beautiful! Mine is chicken scratch. :P Sooooo I just nominated you for an award over at my blog! You really should check it out... even if you're not into that sorta thing. :)

  8. Rod Stewart? What are you, 70?


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