victory rolls

i saw that an old friend on facebook had tried these victory rolls with her hair and asked her for tips. i won't lie and tell you it was easy. i spent thirty minutes trying really hard to create the rolls and failed miserably. the next morning i woke up and decided "not to try." of course this method always works. because i wasn't trying and had very low expectations - i totally rocked it. (for the record, it's way harder with long hair).


  1. did you have any directions? i want to try!

  2. Anonymous23.5.11

    yes! the link is on my facebook wall and my friend wrote:

    how to do victory rolls.
    put your hair in a hot roller set and hair spray it with a light hair spray.. allow the rollers to cool all the way down before you take them out. make sure u put the rollers in the way you want the victory roll to come out. so in the picture i have i put the rollers in away from my face. to select the section for the victory roll use a comb and section it off behind your ear. brush your hair so the curls conform in the same direction. take the section of your hair and it around ur tumb to make a loop. use bobby pins to secure the hair underneath the loop to the scalp, i use about 4 bobby pins per victory rolls. pin behind the victory roll so that the bobby pin doesnt show (place the bobby pin from the crown towards the front of your scalp). repeat on the same side, it can take a few tries. your bangs or layers can fall out in the front so use the loose pieces by combing them up and using a freeze spray to give support then fold the bangs in front then off to the side freeze spraying it again so it stays in place. curl the back as desired with a curling iron. most of the hot roller curls do fall out in the back. spray all over with hairspray.

  3. Sooo pretty! Makes me wish I had long hair again :)

  4. Oh wow!! I should try that! Very pretty!!

  5. I have been practicing to ever since I did my pin up photo shoot. Almost got it perfect on Saturday. :) I'll have to blog about it.

  6. YOU ARE SO PRETTY! I definitely do not have the patience (lolz, punny!) to do this, but you rockeddd it.


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