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i was actually going to post a "mail art monday" part two (i have tons of fun packages to send out!). but then i was reading a recent post on the anthology and came across these incredible silver pieces by justine brooks in vancouver. i like that she is local to me and i'm head over heels* about these nature based designs.

it's funny because i'm not often stirred by natural forms. i love the earth but its flora and fauna don't generally get me excited. what i like about these however is that it seems clear that the artist has really studied the object. it's like she's (successfully) drawing attention to the small things - the little details in our world. finally, the way they are presented in silver, a material and colour not commonly found in nature, makes them all the more beautiful and fascinating to me.**

*which incidentally is what happens when you hang upside down backwards over a tree branch. i wonder if this is how miss. justine brooks got her inspiration??

**this does not relate to the post above - which means i'm totally disobeying the rules of asterisks. however, i thought you might be interested to know that someone googled "is there a lot of turbulence on a flight to hawaii 2011." for real - and then they ended up at my blog - which i think is hilarious and perfect. that's also totally something i would google!


  1. =) your last comment almost had me spitting my coffee out all over my keyboard. LOL! I am amazed at the ways people find my shop/blog sometimes.

    Oh and how I love, love jewelry inspired by nature. Her Silver Earth pieces are amazing! These are definitely a wish list item for me!

    Hope you have an amazing Tuesday!

    xo-keri bohemian backbone

  2. Gorgeous! I love these.

    And in regards to your comment: US Air is one of the cheaper airlines so they tend not to have as many amenities. I love them only because I have status with them and thus get on the plane first and am first or second in line for upgrades, but you're right, it'd be pretty horrible flying all the way to Hawaii on a US Air flight! Continental is a lot better! :)

  3. Those are lovely:) Thanks so much for visiting my blog, you have such a lovely little spot here. Also that is also something I would totally google and I think your use of asterisks is quite appropriate.


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