the 100 follower giveaway winners!

and the winners are...

one | connie from daydream in color

two | genri from gentri lee

three | nicole from running in heels

congratulations ladies! connie, i hope you enjoy the necklace i made (bites nails nervously...). you've all won some of my beautiful stationery, as well as a guest post or feature. i hope to hear from you all soon. if i don't...don't worry i'll contact you!


  1. Congrats on 100! I must have just missed the giveaway! Bummer because it looks totally cute!!

  2. congrats! p.s. i totally want to buy pink stationary.

  3. Ah!! I won a giveaway?!?! I never thought this day would come! :D haha! Thank
    You so much! I'm so excited!!

  4. You just made my morning! I never expected to win!! Thanks SO much, can't wait to use the beautiful stationary! I have a perfect friend in mind to send a letter to using it.


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