a note on getting married in nine days

this is not a wedding blog. it's not, i promise. it's just that i'm getting married next week. i'm not nervous, or stressed or freaking out (why do people keep asking us that??). but it's still kind of a big event to plan. i'm totally on it though, don't worry. however...

for just a moment i'm going to share with you all of the irrational thoughts that have been reeling through my mind in regards to this whole shebang.

first off. my arms. i think about them every day. i wonder why i didn't take my mother up on her offer at my last fitting when she said "oh, i know a great exercise for that!" sometimes i stand in front of the mirror and practice poses that don't make me look like hulk (after he gave up going to the gym that is).

dear god - my final fitting. i worry i won't fit into my dress. i know, you are saying "you're craaazy, it'll all work out!" but mark my words, this fear is in fact not irrational. it is a very real possibility.

now here's where things get really disturbing: i worry that i will trip on the sidewalk, smack my face, and have a giant scab on my wedding day after spending umpteenth amount of dollars on a photographer. i worry that i will break a nail after sort of successfully growing them for the first time in my life. i worry that we will go to get our marriage license and there will be some major thing we were supposed to do, or we forgot our id or we don't have enough time to process the paper work. i worry that my father will trip on my dress as we walk down the aisle. i worry that it will rain and we have nowhere to take pictures. i worry that it will all be over and i won't know what to do with myself. i worry that i will keep looking at wedding blogs after the fact and think "damn, i wish i'd thought of that."


  1. You are beautiful and your wedding will be perfect and you are going to look gorgeous and marry the love of your life. I can't wait. Almost only eight days. Also...can Jon not see that picture if he really wants to?

  2. Anonymous7.4.11

    j doesn't read my blog. ever.

    i love him but it's a point of contention.

  3. Hey Kaitlyn,
    everything is going to be just fine!
    It is understandable to make such thoughts but it is only stress and nothing else. Trust me :)
    You and your wedding will be just fabulous!


  4. Oh wow! Congratgulations! I'm excited for you! Next week yay!! Words of advice from me to you...enjoy every single moment of it! Take plenty of pictures for the pictures are what will last you forever!!!
    You have an adorable blog dear.


  5. That dress is gorgeous!! Congrats.. you're almost there and it will be perfect!

  6. you're beautiful, and it'll show in the photos no matter what!

  7. even if all of that happens we are going to have THE BEST time and you will be married to your love:)
    but for the record, it wont happen :D

  8. I didn't realize it was so soon! How exciting. :)

    I think it would be really abnormal if you didn't have those thoughts - you want it to be perfect and not to be overshadowed by anything! And it won't be! Your wedding will rock!

    Hope I get to see some more pictures after the ceremony! :)

  9. Wow - what a stunning photo, Kaitlyn...and that's just half of you! I can't wait to see 100% of you in just a few days...eeek! :)

  10. It's natural to worry. Go ahead and worry. But also enjoy it - apparently it goes by so quickly you don't even know it's over!

    You are beautiful and wonderful and I can't wait to see you gracefully swoon through the day...

    PS. If anything goes wrong I can make a bigger ass out of myself than you will. I promise. ;)


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