i love letterpress

i've really been pondering the ideas of creating mini journals lately. something small and simple like a mini moleskin. it's a tricky thought though because i don't plan to bind the books myself - that's not my bag*. but i don't quite feel comfortable say, buying a moleskin, embossing an image on the front and then re-selling in (i suspect there are some serious legality issues there as well). i guess it will just be about finding the right source. i'm considering scout books, but they have a fifty minimum order (does there happen to be fifty readers who would like to buy an isavirtue journal?).

for now, i will just ogle these adorable letter press pocket books by bison books on etsy! i love how the designer has chosen to place a darker blue on a blue back ground and a darker orange on an orange background. you get the picture! i've added some recipe cards by the same company for good measure because they are incredibly beautiful!

shop bison books

*book? book bag?


  1. Yay for letterpress!

    Pocket books are fun *adds this of things to test once I get my letterpress*

  2. I've actually never tried Letterpress or anything like that, but seeing other bloggers working on it really makes me want to give it a shot too :)


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