i love letterpress

well, after yesterday (when we stamped and lettered all the escort "cards", finished the place cards, wrote up a final seating list and drew a floor plan), i am feeling better about everything that has to be done before we fly to ontario for the wedding next week.

on the other hand i'm feeling totally and completely anxious. i don't know why, i just woke up that way. maybe it's because i remembered i had a plan to make our thank-you cards in advance so that we could write them and mail them immediately. uh...oops, forgot that one. so for letterpress wednesday i'm going to share with you some simple, but beautiful cards i wish i could make.*

*no but really, i wish i could do letterpress about as much as i want to marry this fiance of mine (that's a lot!).

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  1. Aw, all of these are gorgeous. I can't wait to see yours!

    The second one is hilarious and perfection, haha. A definite fave. :)


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