mail art from monday

i was tickled pink to find two excellent things in my mailbox yesterday. the first was an awesome piece of mail art from my friend callah. look closely and see how she outlined the little asian girl stamps over and over! now that's dedication! i'm excited to read her letter as the postman took forever getting it here!

i also received the hair pins i bought on etsy to wear on my wedding day in two and a half weeks (!!!). they are these adorable vintage buttons that have been attached to bobby pins (my favourite type of hair accessory). vintagevalleygirl was so helpful in putting together the custom order and lowering the shipping for me.


  1. Oh wow! :) What a sweet surprise! I love snail mail too :)
    xox mervi

  2. Two and a half weeks!


  3. SO excited to see you ladies!!!! and get writing... i have an idea in mind for my next envelope and I think it's a good one!

  4. So cool! That makes me wish I had enough hair to put little things like that in it!


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